Distribution Trips

Each summer, FTH makes a distribution trip to a predetermined Latin American country.  Up to 20 administrators, teachers, students and parents can participate at their own cost.  Mature students 15 years and older may participate with their parents.  Students 17 and older may participate without their parents.

The trip includes delivering wheelchairs in different communities, both in large gatherings and small.  Home visits are made for those individuals that need a wheelchair, but cannot make it to a distribution.  Sightseeing and enjoying local customs and food are also a large part of the overall experience.

Read some of the amazing testimonials  to see the impact that being a part of these trips has made on our participants.

Seven teachers and three high school students joined our distribution trip to Honduras in 2014.
Josh with 6 teachers from Lydiksen Elementary School in Pleasanton during our distribution trip to Guatemala in 2013.
Touring a government palace in Lima, Peru on our first trip of 2015.
Three teachers, two high school students and a parent/Rotarian joined us for our distribution trip to Costa Rica in 2014.
Wearing the gifts we were given by the Mayor of Chanchamayo, Peru during our second trip in 2015.