Program Timeline

The steps below are meant as guidelines to make things as easy as possible for you. Feel free to add your own style!! Your event can be a week, a month or whatever is appropriate for your school. The guidelines below are meant to save you some time and help you plan ahead. If you have any questions, please contact us at communityoutreach@WheelchairFoundation.org






Complete the online form to reserve wheelchairs for your school, order supplies and reserve your assembly date.


We can only do wheelchairs for 2 schools each week so please get your reservations in as soon as possible so we can meet the dates that work best for your school.

4 Weeks Before

Determine how you will have your students learn about people with different abilities. There are lesson plans at: http://www.srvusd.k12.ca.us/AbilityAwarenessProgram

There are also lots of videos, pictures and other materials at https://www.wheelchairfoundation.org/programs/from-the-heart-schools-program/

Talk to your principal and fellow teachers to get their input and support. Decide how you want to use the 10 wheelchairs that will be delivered to your school.

Timing is everything; maybe around a sporting event or dance!

Schedule school assemblies. Send dates to us if you want her to be the speaker. Send an email to communityoutreach@wheelchairfoundation.org.

Ask Interact to also raise money and inquire about Matching Grants.

Have each athletic team raise money for at least one wheelchair.

Arrange for a speaker for your Leadership Class

This program is meant to be fun, attention-getting and presented with lots of energy.

There are lots of fun activities for you to choose from at each grade level. Many of the videos mentioned in the lesson plans, like Arthur, are available at http://youtube.com

Encourage showing videos during “Announcements Period”.

4 Weeks Before

Develop your fundraising strategy.

Here are some fun ideas:


This is entirely up to you and the kids. It’s a great way to teach leadership and organizational skills. It’s best if the children own the activities and manage it with your guidance. We provide posters, canisters or school buses for collection.

For high school and middle school, wheelchair basketball games are a lot of fun!!

2 Weeks Before

Send a flyer out to the teachers along with any information they will need.

Here is a flyer that can be adapted for your school.


2 Weeks Before

You may want to send a flyer to the Community so they know what is happening in your school.

Here is another flyer that can be adapted for your school.


2 Weeks Before

It’s a lot of fun to get your athletes involved too.

Here is a flyer that can be adapted to your school with your school logos for use with your athletes.


1 Week Before

All wheelchairs are delivered and picked up on Fridays so your wheelchairs will arrive as reserved for your school.

Use the flyers to put on your website and distribute through Peachjar.

If your school does a Newsletter, don’t forget to publicize your activities.

Post one of the flyers on your school website.

Remind teachers of the school assembly schedule.

Kick Off Day

Set up MPR for assembly with a projector, screen and microphone.

Run your program and Have Fun!!

After Your Program

Let us know when to pick up your collections. More than one pick up is fine.

Put collections in the plastic bag provided with your school’s name on it.

Have wheelchairs delivered to the front of the school on your Friday pickup day.

Schedule a date for your field trip once your goal of $1.50 per student has been met