Dear Friends,

As two of our nation’s greatest holidays approach, Memorial Day and Independence Day, we are reminded of those who have sacrificed for our freedom and independence. Yet many of our fellow Americans continue to live their lives without the simplest of freedoms and a basic human right: Mobility!

soldier_vetWhile you celebrate with your families, remember those Americans who lack basic mobility such as a veteran who has defended our nation or a child who can’t attend school. Honor freedom by providing wheelchairs for recipients in the USA through our “Mobility for America” program where we dedicate your donations to anyone in the USA who needs our help. To date we have given out over 35,000 wheelchairs to fellow Americans and so many thousands more are still desperately in need.

We receive phone calls weekly from individuals here in the United States who are either denied access to or do not have the ability to acquire a wheelchair. One such call was received from a gentleman named Jaime. The insurance company had denied Jaime a wheelchair which he could not afford to purchase on his own. After months of frustrating attempts to find a new or used wheelchair, his daughter heard about the Wheelchair Foundation. Jamie suffers from diabetic neuropathic arthropathy, also known as Charcot, and his severely deformed feet are unable to hold his weight. Soon after her call, father and daughter were in our office parking lot joyfully testing out a new wheelchair. Jaime is delighted to “now be able to do some things on his own,” and is thankful for the Wheelchair Foundation and the donors who made this gift possible.

With your gift of $100 or more, we will send you a red triple function pen with flashlight and stylus to remind you throughout the year of your generous donation.

Donate $150 or more and you will also receive a personalized certificate with a photo of a wheelchair recipient, sent in a beautiful presentation folder.

As an additional token of our appreciation, with your donation of $500 or more, we will include our deluxe,
multipurpose duffle bag.

Simply call us directly at 877-378-3839, or  donate on line through our website (www.wheelchairfoundation.org).

The Wheelchair Foundation, the world’s largest wheelchair relief organization, has distributed over 960,000 wheelchairs in 150+ countries. We are completely donor-driven and this amazing accomplishment is a direct result of overwhelming generosity on the part of our donors. Thank you for your continuing dedication and for your support of those in need of wheelchairs in the USA!


David Behring