A Gift – 26 May 2011 

Deng Yuanyuan

Deng Yuanyuan, 29, is a middle-level cerebral palsy patient. She lives in Shenyang Huanggu district. On the afternoon of May 19, 2011, Disabled Person’s Federation of Huanggu District Shenyang sent her a gift: a wheelchair.   

She has had no ability to walk since she was born. More than twenty years, she can not go outside of the house by herself. Her parents have retired with low income, which can barely maintain the family’s living. There is no extra money to buy a wheelchair for her.   

Deng Yuanyuan’s parents said emotionally: “Without the help from Wheelchair Foundation and Disabled Person’s Federation in Shenyang, she could not go outside of the door and participate any social activities!”

New Change, New Life – 17 May 2011

Lv Furong

My name is Lv Furong, 59 years old, living in Shenyang, a northern city in China. I’m disabled, my living relying on a walking stick. With a lot of inconvenience, each step was difficult and my arms became very tired. I want a wheelchair, but my economic conditions do not allow it.   

On this year’s Chinese Disabled Day, I got a call from the community that Shenyang Disabled Persons Federation decided to give me a wheelchair after knowing my situation. I am so happy about it. The day when the wheelchair arrived at my house, I immediately sat on it; it is so comfortable and convenient. I didn’t know what to say, I only remembered two words, and just said “thank you”.    

Guanquanyuan community, Ertaizi Sub-district, Dadong District, Shenyang city 

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