As we welcome 2020 and a new decade, it remains that between 7,000 and 10,000 Nevada citizens are deprived of mobility because of numerous reasons.  The wheelchairs they need simply to get across the street – or across the room – are out of reach financially.  The Wheelchair Foundation, Nevada Chapter, believes that these people deserve the independence and dignity that comes with owning a wheelchair.

Our Mission

The Nevada Chapter of Wheelchair Foundation is leading an effort to deliver a wheelchair to every man, woman, and child that have the need of a wheelchair but may not have the resources to acquire one. For those individuals a wheelchair offers freedom, self-reliance, mobility and hope.

300 Wheelchairs Arriving In Nevada!

Announcement Date 4/22/2020

300 wheelchairs will be arriving here in Las Vegas by Monday of next week. We should be able to start helping our recipients soon with new wheelchairs by the end of next week.
Northern Nevada will be getting chairs in late May. ~ JW


10,000 Wheelchairs For Nevada

Through 2020 our Wheelchair Foundation, Nevada, aims to distribute between 7,000 and 10,000 wheelchairs to people who cannont afford to buy one. We have already delivered thousands of chairs statewide. Allied with numerous Nevada NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), Wheelchair Foundation, Nevada, has set it’s goals as high as its commitment. We are looking to work with any NGO that has the resources to find such people. Wheelchair Foundation, Nevada, is seeking contributors, endowments and corporate sponsorship to enable us to fulfill our humanitarian mission. Without the financial support of individuals and corporations, thousands who need our help will not get it.

We need your financial support. For only $150, a new wheelchair will be purchased and delivered to someone in need. Wheelchair Foundation, Nevada, will match your donation of $150, so you will really be sponsoring two wheelchairs (exclusive program in Nevada) to individuals in need.

Your tax-deductible contribution can change a life by delivering hope. Thank you!

Las Vegas Wheelchair Recipients

Letters From Wheelchair Recipients

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Nevada Wheelchair Foundation
Program Director: John Williams
Phone Number: (702) 847-6250
Address: 916 West Owens Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106
Email Address: john@nevadawheelchairfoundation.org