Over the past few weeks an effort has been underway to deliver wheelchairs free of cost to residents in Las Vegas Nevada.  With the assistance from John Williams, former director of Wheelchair Foundation’s Nevada chapter, we’ve been able to help 150 individuals gain mobility and freedom. Below are some excerpts from letters we’ve received from a few individuals that were able to acquire a new wheelchair.

Las Vegas Wheelchair Recipient

A family arrives at The Quad in Las Vegas and received a new wheelchair for their loved one.

“I just completed chemo and radiation for cancer. My friend Donna loaned me a walker which of course helped me a great deal but when I received my wheelchair I felt like I was 16 with a brand new bicycle. It is beautiful. I am 81 and to receive my very own wheelchair is a godsend.” ~ Joan R. LV, Nevada

“It is difficult to describe the change that this has made in both my wife’s life and mine. Since August of last year her mobility has been severely restricted but the availability of the wheelchair means that she can go places that she previously couldn’t. She is now willing to let me take her shopping because she can move about the stores.” Doug M. LV, Nevada

“My elderly mother can’t walk well and has gained weight.  Her old wheelchair is in extremely bad condition and too small. Now our mother can sit comfortable. We all appreciate the new wheelchair from our hearts and are extremely grateful to the Wheelchair Foundation. Sincerely, Katherine A.”  LV, Nevada

“Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. I am on Social Security and would never have been able to afford a wheelchair.  My brother picked up the chair for me as I couldn’t make the walk to the back of the room. When he came out pushing the chair, it brought tears to my eyes. Your generosity will always be remembered. My God bless all of you.” Barbara E. LV, Nevada


If you’d like to assist in our efforts and get involved further with bringing mobility, hope and freedom to individuals in your community, contact us at the below address, phone number or email address.

Wheelchair Foundation World Headquarters
Mailing Address:
3820 Blackhawk Road
Danville, California 94506, USA
Toll-Free:(877) 378-3839