Wheelchair Foundation would like to thank everyone who purchased tickets and participated in our one-millionth wheelchair distribution celebration Wheelchairs Around the World, on Saturday, June 13th at the beautiful Blackhawk Museum in Danville, California.

The event sold out, and those 550 supporters and friends in attendance got treated to a spectacular evening featuring traditional dance from four continents, fine food and wine and truly heartfelt appreciation for the accomplishment of delivering one million wheelchairs to individuals in need of mobility in more than 155 countries around the world.

The audience witnessed an emotional interview with Wheelchair Foundation Founder and CEO, Kenneth E. Behring, in which he recounted the origin of his inspiration to “attempt what had never been done,” and how a simple gift of a wheelchair changed him and led him to a life of purpose.

The highlight of the evening occurred when longtime supporter Mr. Ken Hofmann stood up and pledged one million dollars for wheelchairs for Latin America, to kick start the distribution of our second million wheelchairs. Mr. Hofmann’s generous act prompted others, resulting in nearly $1.7 million in donations from attendees of the event.

Thank you to everyone involved in this joyous evening!

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Dear Friends,

We take Mobility for granted – a basic right that so many have never experienced. I’ll bet you have no idea that over a hundred million people worldwide lack mobility. Without a wheelchair, their options are limited in ways beyond our comprehension. Because of your exceedingly generous donations since June of 2000, Wheelchair Foundation, the world’s largest wheelchair relief organization, has delivered nearly 980,000 wheelchairs in 150+ countries. This holiday season, please continue to Give The Gift of Mobility to others who, without a wheelchair, are having to crawl or be carried everywhere they go. Changing lives is an amazing way to celebrate!

Don Routh, one of Wheelchair Foundaition’s extraordinary volunteers, fully understands the importance of mobility. His son Josh lost the ability to move on his own at the age of one. With extensive therapy, hard work and a wheelchair, Josh is now independent and travels with his father around the world helping other people gain Mobility (like five year old Joshua from Paraguay who is pictured on the the front of our website). Don & Josh continue to provide encouragement and hope to parents who are dedicating their lives to raising children with disabilities.

Choose to provide Mobility by dedicating gifts to your friends and family and sponsoring wheelchairs in the name, honor or memory of someone you love. For your donation of $150, you will receive a beautiful presentation folder with a photo of a recipient, and a personalized certificate thanking or honoring that special person in your life.

Your Gift of Mobility moves everyone involved and represents the true meaning of the season. You will delight your loved ones and at the same time bring unbelievable joy to recipients and their families – and will be remembered long after the holiday season has come and gone.

Donations in any dollar amount help change the lives of those who are less fortunate.

With your gift of $100 or more, we will send you a blue or black triple function pen with flashlight and stylus to remind you throughout the year of your generous donation.

As an additional token of our appreciation, with your donation of $500 or more, we will include our plush micro – mink sherpa blanket.

No shopping, wrapping or shipping! Simply call us directly at 877.378.3839 or donate on line right here on our website www.wheelchairfoundation.org. Please make your donations by December 10th to allow sufficient time for us to prepare and mail your customized presentation folders.

We at the Wheelchair Foundation are exceedingly grateful for your decision to Give The Gift of Mobility. Thank you for your generous support of those who are less fortunate than we are.

Happy Holidays!


David E. Behring


This article borrowed from the San Ramon Patch article published on Oct. 16, 2013 by Jane McInnis (Editor)

Understanding the difficulty of getting around in a wheelchair has been a hands-on lesson for students at Montevideo Elementary.

Last week, Montevideo Elementary’s physical education classes were a little different from norm: rather than ball being played on the courts, wheelchair obstacle courses became the main activity.

The school participated in the Wheelchair Foundation program, a charity organization rgar raises money for wheelchair distribution worldwide while fostering perspective to younger students who live without disabilities.

“For us it’s a whole different world,” said fifth-grader Shrena Sudhakar, 10, who participated in the program.

Schools across San Ramon, Danville, Alamo and Pleasanton participated in the fundraiser this year.

Last week, students took turns riding and guiding classmates in red wheelchairs around an obstacle course set up by P.E. instructor Michelle Cabrita.

[See Michelle Cabrita’s video about the project on the school website here.]

Cones proved tricky for students to maneuver around on their own, often being knocked over or caught under the wheelchair.

“I tell the students the cones represent maybe a big rock or a pot hole in the road,” Cabrita said, helping students imagine the obstacles others have to overcome.

After the lesson, students talked about how much work it took to get around in the wheelchairs.

“It changed my perspective because I thought you could just zoom around places fast [in a wheelchair], but it took me so long just to get to the half-way point,” said Zaid Fattah, 10.

“I never want to do it again in my life because my arms ache,” said Kavya Anand, 10.

To see more photos and videos of the program at Montevideo Elementary, click here.

This article was borrowed from the Seychelles Nation website from Oct 8 2013

Added Comfort For Physically Disabled Children and Elderly


Mr Ken Behring along with Rotary providing mobility to children in the Seychelles.

The Rotary Club of Victoria in partnership with an international non-profit body called Wheelchair Foundation have together brought added comfort to the lives of 10 people with physical disabilities.  Ten wheelchairs were handed over recently at the School for the Exceptional Child in the presence of the foundation’s founder Ken Behring, it’s Director Charli Butterfield and other members.

Also present at the handing over ceremony were the President of the Rotary Club of Victoria Mario Rotolo and other members, as well as representatives of those who have benefited from the donations.  They expressed words of thanks to Rotary Club and the foundation for such gifts which will help to promote inclusion of those children and adults in various social activities. Six Students from the school have received wheelchairs, tow have been given to the Sisters of Charity while the North East Point home for the elderly has got one.

The other wheelchair was given Yva Valmont, who is suffering from a medical condition called cerebral palsy which affects her mobility. The Wheelchair Foundation is a non-profit organisation leading an international effort to create awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities. Mr. Behring and his team from the foundation are going around the world making donations in various forms such as wheelchairs, equipment for schools and humanitarian work.

Mr. Rotolo said Rotary Club is always trying to help those who are in need in the different communities in the country through various projects. He added that this donation of wheelchairs comes after a visit of a foundation’s member last year during one of the club’s meetings. Discussions have been held since then and a partnership has been developed.

On Thursday, September 26th 2013, there will be a special advance screening of the movie RUSH from Two-time Academy Award® winner Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon) at Century Theatre in the Blackhawk Plaza at 7:00 pm along with a reception that begins at 5:30 at the Blackhawk Musuem.

A $25 per person donation* will secure your tickets to this wonderful night. All proceeds from this “Wheels for Wheelchairs” event will go towards the Wheelchair Foundation’s goal of providing a free wheelchair to every child, teen and adult worldwide who need one but has no means to acquire one.

To make your donation and secure your tickets to this advance screening send an email by clicking here or call 925.736.9533

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