In August of 2013, Wheelchair Foundation shipped 110 wheelchairs to Fiji. Below are excerpts  borrowed from the Fiji Sun.com news articles which you can read in their entirety here and here.

Receiving 18 of the 110 delivered wheelchairs, the president of the Rotary Club of Fiji, Adrain Hughes, said wheelchairs were one of the most resourceful elements in the lives of the disabled in our communities.  “We are very thankful for the supportive assistance by Vodafone ATH Foundation, and the Ministry of Health, who assisted in bringing the wheelchairs into the country duty free. One thing that is very evident is that people are working in a collaborative effort to assist one another and mainly the people in need.” The hand-over of the wheelchairs was held at Albert Park, in Suva.


Rotary club president, Andrew Hughes (third left) with members of the “Wheelchair Foundation” of the US after the wheelchair donation at the Vodafone Hibiscus Festival 2013’s main stage at Albert Park in Suva. Photo Courtousy of the Fiji Sun and PAULINI RATULAILAI.

Vodafone ATH executive Ambalika Devi said they continuously work towards supporting the disabled and needy people of the community. Wheelchairs were given to the Kidney Foundation of Fiji, the Father Law Home, the Old People’s Home, and others after an assessment was done.  Kidney Foundation Fiji received two. Its president, Diwan Chand Maharaj, welcomed the support coming in for the disabled.

The Savusavu Rotary Club, the Labasa Rotary Club, and the Labasa Lions Club were among the recipients this week.  Chetan Singh Heyer, a former resident of Ba, now residing in the USA, is deeply involved with the fundraising arm of Wheelchair Foundation.  Action for Children and the Aged (ACATA) executive director and Vodafone World of Difference candidate, Rosan Lal, said that there was a huge demand for wheelchairs in Fiji.  The chairs will serve as a tool for the disabled to enjoy life and get around.
“It provides an opportunity for a person to be more productive and even make a living,” says Mr Lal.