This story borrowed and re-published in full  from the KTVU Channel 2 News Website

Thanks to you, our donors, we were able to provide mobility to these veterans that served in WWII during their trip to Washington D.C on an “Honor Flight”.

SAN FRANCISCO — Bay Area World War II veterans who took an “honor flight” to see the war memorial in Washington, D.C. arrived back home Sunday. Families held flags and signs at San Francisco International Airport for an emotional reunion with their veterans.

“My dad is legally blind, legally deaf, he’s an amputee, he’s had two heart surgeries and he’s got lung cancer – so he’s living on borrowed time,” said Janice Lopez. The Fremont Firefighters Union had raised $30,000 to send the 30 veterans to see the war memorial before it’s too late. Some of the firefighters went on the trip to chaperon the veterans.

WWII veterans return home from Honor Flight. Photo courtesy of KTVU Channel 2 News

WWII veterans return home from Honor Flight. Photo courtesy of KTVU Channel 2 News

World War II veteran Art Perry told KTVU the trip meant he was able to talk with people his age, who went through the same thing he did. “It made me feel really good having someone like that to talk to,” he said.

For some, the trip meant closure. Sgt. Art Perry was 22 years old when he served as an Army Sergeant in World War II. He hadn’t really talked about the war until now. “I think this is a long time coming,” said Perry’s daughter Dianne Madronio.

For others at the airport, the veterans return was a life lesson as they expressed their love and appreciation. “This is the greatest generation there was. They honored us; they wouldn’t let us honor them,” said Ray Wilkenson with the Fremont Fire Department.