The The Wheelchair Foundation, a division of Behring Global Educational Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable foundation, has a goal to provide a free wheelchair to every child, teen and adult worldwide who needs one but has no means to acquire one.

Watch our latest distribution video from Oaxaca, Mexico that includes Nathan and Heather Ogden of CHAIR THE HOPE along with some of our amazing supporters and volunteers.


The nearly 1,200 mile route that the Ogden Family will ride on bicycles beginning in July 2017.

For Nathan Ogden, life changed dramatically when he broke his neck coming off a ski jump in Oregon 15 years ago. He became paralyzed. Over the next year he made excellent progress and regained some upper body strength and mobility when he was hit with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. While there and unconscious, he was dropped from the X-ray table and broke his neck a second time, causing additional loss of his upper body function.

Now, as a quadriplegic, he lives a full life and wants to help others do the same. Ogden has set out to put his wheels to work this July during a 2-week family bike ride from Mt. Bachelor Oregon (the site of the first break), to Los Angeles California. CHAIR THE HOPE spawned from an idea Ogden’s wife had – a bike ride, roughly 1,200 miles in length, and relay-style with their family of six. In true Ogden family fashion, they’re ready to roll with it.

The goal of CHAIR THE HOPE is to inspire others to get outside and keep moving despite disabilities, fears, or excuses, while raising $100,000 to donate to the Wheelchair Foundation. During the past 17 years, the Wheelchair Foundation has gifted over 1 Million wheelchairs to people in need all over the globe. Ogden is passionate about getting kids out to play, and fathers back to work to support their families, and overcoming the barriers of immobility.

The Ogden Family

Ogden is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach. In 2016 he published the book, Unfrozen – Superior Systems to Move from Paralysis to Progress. He resides in Boise Idaho with his wife Heather, and their four children Seniya (18), Kyler (16), Malani (12), and Cortlyn (10). 


For more information, please contact Nathan Ogden. (208) 761-2770   Nathan Ogden Facebook

NuView IRA Delivers Mobility to Individuals in Nicaragua

A container of wheelchairs sponsored by NuView IRA of Orlando, Florida. Glen Mather, President and CEO of NuView IRA, has been a longtime supporter of Wheelchair Foundation. Mr. Mather has gotten his employees and clients involved in the joy of distributing wheelchairs to people in need, both at home and abroad. In prior years NuView has sponsored wheelchairs for the people of Guatemala. This distribution of wheelchairs for disabled and less fortunate of Nicaragua was realized through a partnership with the Rotary Club of Managua-Tiscapa (Club Rotario Managua-Tiscapa).

Thank you to Glen Mather, your staff, and the Rotary Club of Managua-Tiscapa for providing children, teens and adults in many parts of the world with the basic human right of mobility.

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