Wheelchair Foundation launched Mobility for America solely to provide wheelchairs to individuals in need of mobility, but without access to a wheelchair, right here in the United States. Mobility for America allows us to respond to local and national emergencies and catastrophes as needed. With the litany of hurricanes displacing and devastating the Southern United States, and wildfires raging in Northern California, we have had many personal and community tragedies to respond to this year and we need your help!

Give $150 or more to receive a personalized presentation certificate with a photo of a wheelchair recipient.

Receive a purple, triple-function flashlight pen with stylus with your donation of $100 or more.

Donate $300 or more and you will also receive our insulated, grocery tote bag along with the presentation folder and pen.

Receive our luxurious, coral fleece blanket with your donation of $500 or more.

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