Since the year 2000, Wheelchair Foundation has given away over 1,100,000 wheelchairs. Over half of those wheelchairs have gone to people over the age of 50. All of us want to live long and healthy lives; however, the simple truth is that the human mind and body start to deteriorate in our later stages of life. The reality is that most of us will be affected in some physical way as we advance in age.

Our goal is to make mobility possible for every person in need of a wheelchair but without access to one, regardless of their age. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts.

Give $150 or more to receive a personalized presentation certificate with a photo of a wheelchair recipient.

With your donation of $100 or more, we will send you a triple-function flashlight-pen with stylus along with our 3-Ply Cotton re-usable, face mask.

As an additional token of our appreciation, we will include our multi-functional UVC sterilizing box with aromatherapy with your donation of $500 or more!